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  • Answer WHY questions comfortably using Because and So

    Your English conversations will flow naturally.

  • Describe how you feel and the things that give you those feelings. _ED adjectives and _ING adjectives

    Make your English come alive with adjectives.

  • Clearly talk about the things you did in the past but you don’t do anymore. I used to

    Describe things that you have experience with and are not new for you anymore. I’m used to

    Talk about your life and share your current situation with friends.

  • Correctly talk about how things seem to my different senses. Look, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Looks or Looks like

    Use natural English to talk about things you have experienced.

  • Use English articles correctly, even if your native language doesn’t use them! A, AN, THE

    This is one of my students’ first and favorite lessons.

  • Quizzes, audio, videos, presentations, and images to help you learn and understand quickly.

  • 2 downloadable puzzles for fun review and a PDF worksheet that I created to help you use and remember new English vocabulary.

​5 Simple English Communication Tips

These reviews are from the E-book version - Before I upgraded these lessons to this Online course!


Alexandre Mello

Acho que as falantes de diferentes línguas enfrentam variados graus de dificuldade no aprendizado da língua inglesa, de acordo com a correlação entre suas línguas e Inglês. Dito isso, este e-book endereça, na minha opinião, alguns pontos universais que cada um de nós terá dificuldade para lidar em algum momento. As explicações naturais os tornam tão claros que podemos nos pegar perguntando como tínhamos dúvida em primeiro lugar. Recomendado!

I think people with different native languages will face varying degrees of difficulty according to the correlation between their languages and English. That said, Dave's e-book targets, in my opinion, some of those universal points every one of us will have a hard time dealing with at some time. The natural explanations make them very clear. Recommended!


Yoko Migita 容子右田

大人が英語を"勉強" すると、英文の文法や構造を考えるあまり文法的には正しいけれど自然でない表現になりがち。わかりやすい英語表現への手助けをしてくれるとても実用的なebookです。

When we 'study' English we tend to focus on its grammar and structure. This can make it difficult to make and use natural expressions. This e-book helps you to learn English practically and use natural and clear English expressions


Vitaly Tulin

Это не очередной учебник со скучной теорией и упражнениями, а подборка практических советов, которые вы начнете использовать в разговорном и письменном английском уже сегодня. За кажущейся простотой затрагиваемых тем, кроются такие же простые, базовые и часто встречающиеся ошибки в употреблении английского, которые легко могут войти в привычку. Избежать последнего и позволит это руководство.

It's not just another textbook with boring theory and exercises, but a set of practical tips which you will use in spoken and written English right away. Simple topics are covered and some common English mistakes are explained too. This e-book will help you avoid making those mistakes now before they become habits.

South Korea

Kwangho Song 송 광호

아주 간단하지만 영어회하 중에 잘 실수 할 수 있는 것들을 알기 쉽게 설명 해줍니다. 그리고 유용한 예를 통해서 연습을 할 수 있어서 다시한번 이해하고 익힐 수 있습니다. 싱가폴에서 일을 할 예정인 저는 이 자료는 비지니스 영어를 배우기 위해 유용한 자료로 사용하고.

It`s all about simple things that English learners can mistake easily in English conversation. I could understand the points and practice well with very useful examples. I've been using this material to learn business English. I`m going to work in Singapore and I`m sure that it will be very helpful.


'Jean' Cao曹艳

例句都非常实用,既能联系句型,语法,又能练习听力和口语。非常棒。 书中讲的都是非常容易搞混的用法,解释简单明了,又有练习。 所以多看几遍就自然而然地掌握了。很值。

The example sentences are very useful. Your English grammar and listening will progress via this book and audio. It's great. The grammar contained is some that confuses many people, but the explanations are easy to understand and there are some exercises too. I read through for 3 or 4 times, and I could use the points more naturally.

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5 Easy steps to better English

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    • Welcome to the COURSE

  • 2

    Chapter 1 - Because and So

    • Because and So - Grammar

    • Because and So - Audio presentation

    • Because or So - Quiz

  • 3

    Chapter 2 - Adjectives ending with -ed and -ing

    • Adjectives ending with -ed and -ing - Grammar

    • -ed -ing adjectives - Audio presentation

    • Adjectives - Quiz

    • Quiz Review video

  • 5

    Chapter 4 - I used to and I'm used to

    • I used to - and - I'm used to - Grammar

    • Used to and (to BE) Used to - Quiz

    • Quiz Review video

  • 6

    Chapter 5 - Articles A, An and The

    • Articles A, An and The - Grammar

    • A, An, and The - Video

    • Articles A, An & The - Quiz

  • 7

    Puzzle and Crossword - Review

    • How to use the puzzles for review

    • Downloadable PDF - Crossword Puzzle

    • Downloadable PDF - Word Search Puzzle

    • New vocabulary - Printable worksheet

    • Extra English resources (All FREE!)

    • Crossword ANSWERS - *Don't read until you have done the Crossword Puzzle!!!


Awesome English course creator

Dave Stinson

I moved to Japan in 2006 to study martial arts. I have experience teaching - I ran my own dojo (martial arts school) in Canada - but I was new to teaching English.

I have learned A LOT about teaching since then!

I have had the chance to teach at public and private schools, companies, hospitals and more.

This course is made of 5 quick tips that will help you sound like a native speaker.

These lessons have helped many of my private students over the years and I'm sure they can help you too :)